Introducing the "Israel Nation" Community


Participate in lively discussions, ask questions, and share your thoughts. Take part in engaging live meetings, and expand your knowledge. We can't wait to connect with you and build a strong, knowledgeable community together!

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Great Teachers

We have some of the best teachers leading our courses and discussions. 


Great Discussions

Lively, thought-provoking discussions moderated by experienced moderators. 


At Home

Live at-home courses combine live teaching in real-time in the comfort of your own home.

Going Live

The community will start in









Register for the Israel Nation launch

join us as we go live for the very first time.

Live Online Courses

Live interactive courses offer a unique and dynamic learning experience. They allow students to engage in real-time discussions and exchanges with instructors and other students. This creates a collaborative and supportive environment where questions can be asked and answered immediately.

The interactive nature of these meetings also enables students to receive personalized feedback, clarify misunderstandings, and deepen their understanding of course material. The combination of online learning and live interaction provides a convenient and effective way to further your education, while also building relationships and a sense of community within the course.

Breakout Sessions

Breakout rooms provide a powerful tool for enhancing collaboration, creativity, and teamwork. These rooms allow participants to break off into smaller, more intimate groups for focused discussions, brainstorming sessions, and hands-on activities. This creates a dynamic and flexible learning environment, where participants can engage in deep, meaningful conversations and exchange ideas in real time.

Using breakout rooms can spark new insights, foster meaningful connections, and lead to innovative solutions. Whether working on a project, practicing a new skill, or exploring a complex issue, breakout rooms provide a unique and powerful way to collaborate, grow, and succeed.

So, embrace the power of breakout rooms and unleash your full potential!

Access the community from your smart phone.

From your mobile go to Google Play or the Apple App Store and download the app for a community experience on the go.

Community Area

Watch the video to see how the community area works.